Get Rid of Leftover Stumps

Take back your yard through our stump grinding services in Lubbock, TX

When you remove dead, damaged or rotten trees from your yard, your home is no longer in danger. But now you're left with all these stumps taking up square footage in your yard. Hire Quality Tree Care to remove all the ugly stumps from your property in Lubbock, TX. We use high-quality stump grinding equipment to get rid of stumps efficiently so you can use the land again ASAP.

Every stump removal job is different, but we have over a decade of experience with tree and stump removal. You can count on us when you want to restore your green and vibrant yard. Contact us right now to schedule an appointment.

Our stump grinding process

When you turn to us to get rid of stumps in your yard, this is what you can expect:

  • We'll use our stump grinding equipment to turn the stumps into wood chips
  • We'll grind three inches below the surface to remove the majority of the stump
  • We'll fill in the holes with topsoil to restore the look of your lawn

Call 806-441-3541 today to speak with a team member about the stumps in your yard.